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This is Sintonía

Centre of Argentine Tango in Edinburgh
At Sintonía, you can expect to dive into the world of Argentine Tango with professional, friendly classes and events. Our directors, Ricardo & Jenny Oria each have over 20 years of Tango dancing experience and aim to transmit their joy of the dance in all their classes.

At Sintonía we specialise in pure Argentine Tango, this beautiful social dance and we look forward to welcoming you.

Our Approach to Argentine Tango

Sintonía is all about pure Argentine Tango - tango for the dance floor. Tango is a very Argentine dance that originated in Buenos Aires, and that is now danced around the world.

Argentine Tango is music, dance and song. It is a culture. We will welcome you into it and help you to navigate this wonderful world. Learning tango dance is an enriching experience: through the process of learning the dance; through the embrace; through the music.

Tango can teach us to listen, to understand, to give our attention to the other, without losing sight of ourselves. We dance for ourselves and for our partners, but always with respect to those outside the couple. We search for our own freedom, while taking care of the freedom of others. This is what Sintonía is all about.

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Our Aims

Our aims are to help you to: Dance socially; interpret, understand & enjoy the music; Dance with balance, elegance & technique; Embrace and be embraced comfortably; and Improvise in your dance.
We give an equal emphasis to both roles in the dance and we keep our classes relaxed, so that students can enjoy learning all the details and complexity that tango can involve
We are interested in helping tango dancers to find comfort and confidence in their embrace and their dance. Dancers can choose which role to dance.
Tango dance is conversational and improvised, but is based on a lead/follow relationship too. Traditionally the leader is male and the follower is female but in our classes, you are welcome to choose your role freely or even dance both roles.

What to Expect in Classes at Sintonía

Expect the teachers to smile.

Expect exercises to work on general technique and techniques specific to the workshop.

Expect clear and detailed explanations of everything that is taught.

Expect group explanations and individual help.

Expect equal emphasis on the leader's and follower's roles.

Expect to improve your floorcraft and musicality skills.

Expect to be stretched.

Expect to enjoy yourself.

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